About Tribe One
I am an experienced motion graphic designer operating under the name Tribe-One (inherited from my mischievous graffiti years) in the Nantes area in France.

Over recent years I have specialised in Motion Graphics, using programs such as After Effects and C4D to create animation, VFX and film for Broadcast and Corporate clients. And I also have a strong background in print, branding and agency work.

I very much enjoy creating intricate artwork for the local music scene as well as corporate logos and ID.

My work is very highly influenced by technology and the urban environment as well as contemporary cultures such as the Bristol clubbing scene or graffiti.

When I'm not frantically drawing something on my graphic tablet or coming up with a new commercial design concept, I enjoy producing music, playing the drums, and doing a lil' sport to compensate for all the long hours on a computer drinking tea!

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you want more information about myself or my work.